Pass-In-Review / Port Information

The highlight of the International Fleet Review is
“The Pass-In-Review"

The Pass-In-Review will be conducted at the largest scale on 11nd of October 2018 with ships and aircrafts at home and abroad
In order to show off the Republic Of Korea's maritime powers, the International Fleet Review will involve various ships including advanced ships and aircrafts of the ROK Coast Guard defending maritime territory and sovereignty, HANBADA, SAENURI training Vessels of Korea Maritime and Ocean University and Mokpo National maritime University, Research Vessel Araon that create a national future value and lead polar research.
he Republic Of Korea Navy will conduct the Pass-In-Review to strengthen trust and harmony between participating nations and display its splendor to the world.
The Pass-In-Review will give you meaningful memories to observe ships and aircrafts at home and abroad that maneuver in formation at sea, in the air and in the water and to undergo the inspection.

Introduction of Flag Ship & Distinguished Visitors Ship


The ROKS ILCHULBONG(LST-Ⅱ) is 7,000-ton Korean landing ship that launched on 11th of 2018. The 126.9 meter-long Ilchulbong can sail at the maximum speed of 23 knots with 3 high-speed landing boats, battailon-class landing forces in full combat gear, Korean Assault Amphibious Vehicles(KAAV), tanks and amphibious task helicopters onboard.
The ROKS ILCHULBONG conducts personnel and equipment transport for amphibious operation, disaster relief and supports peace-keeping activities
The Republic Of Korea Navy designated the ROKS ILCHULBONG as a glorious flag ship to commemorate holding the International Fleet Review 2018 in Jeju Island for the first time with 200 invited dignitaries including military leadership(including president Moon Jae In), foreign military delegations, citizen observation group onboard and inspecting ships at home and abroad.

※ Background for naming the ship 'Ilchulbong'
ROKS Dokdo ㅣ Distinguished Visitors Ship

The ROKS Dokdo is the largest Landing Platform Dock that can carry 720 amphibious forces, 2 LSFs, 23 tanks/AAVs, 13 helicopters at the same time. The 14,500-ton ship has overall length of 199m, a maximum speed of 25 knots.
The ROKDokdo conducts C2 support for Maritime Task Force and Amphibious Task Force, Multi-demensional amphibious operation from the air and sea, disaster relief support, protection of nationals abroad, support for withdrawal of troops and oversea deployment, equipment and material transport.
The ROKS Dokdo is designated as a distinguished visitors ship that can accommodate people to the fullest given that the International Fleet Review 2018 should be a venue for festivals to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the ROK Armed Forces. ROK Dokdo inspect ships at home and abroad with the flag ship, the ROKS Illculbong with 1,500 people including invited dignitaries from all walks of life, Citizen Observation Group onboard.

Outline of the Pass in Review

* Rewrite the outline of the Pass-In-Review with three-dimensional maps and pictures after determining plans of Pass-In-Review/Training demonstration(Given simplicity ans security)
※ Outline of the Pass in Review in 2008(Refer to Photo book pp. 50 ~ 51)

Jeju Civil-Military Harbor Complex Aerial View