Western Pacific Naval Symposium


It is a multilateral cooperation dialogue that established in 1988 aimed at mutual trust, increased understanding and maritime security cooperation in the Western Pacific region. Discussion items include pending issues regarding maritime security(transnational threat, counter-piracy, smuggling, disaster, SLOC protections, etc), safety, environment and naval cooperations.

※ Schedule of WPNS 2018 : 12th October(FRI)


Member states(A total of 27 nations)

Full member states(21 nations)
Republic Of Korea, Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Tonga, United States, Vietnam, France, Canada, Chile, Peru
Observer(6 nations)
India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Pakistan, Colombia, United Kingdom

Major activities

WPNS has held a regular session between CNO from full member states on a biennial basis and working-level session annually. Subordinate activities under WPNS are as follows.
- Establish guidelines for disaster response and Code for Unplanned Encounters At Sea
- Hold naval medical seminars and International maritime information sharing conferences, etc.
- Execute Senior Officer/Junior Officer/MCPON-class exchange program, etc
- Conduct diving exercise and submarine rescue exercise, etc

※ ROK Navy : ROK Navy has held the WPNS 2 times(in 1998 and 2008) and it is scheduled to hold the WPNS and International Fleet Review at the same time in 2018