Information Desk


  • Q. Can disabled or elderly get onboard warships? Disabled person can also get onboard warship, but it is quite limited for the ones with wheel chair to use gangway(staircase from land to ship) and stairs within the ship.
    It is recommended for elderly and infirm to be accompanied by safeguards
  • Q. How should I be dressed? There is no specific dressing codes, but it is good to prepare windshield jacket and heat packs as ships may get very windy and cold during voyage.
    Women should be aware that wearing skirts or hills is inconvenient considering the (jut out)structure and stairs of warship
  • Q. Any belongings not allowed on the ship? Blades, inflammable and alcohols are not allowed. Please note that there will be metal detectors on land to go through before getting onboard the ship.
  • Q. Is there feeding room in the warship? We will prepare a separate feeding room.
  • Q. Is smoking allowed? For your safety, please refrain from smoking in the warship.